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BA Minor Study Programs

Arabic and Islamic Studies can also be studied as a minor with 49 ECTS. Bayreuth University offers a number of Bachelor programs that are studied together with a minor.

Arabic Studies and Islamic Studies have a minor study program that is called Arabic and Islamic Language and Cultural Studies (AISK), which is currently being fundamentally reformed and can be studied in its new form from the summer semester 2023, subject to approval. Students are then free to continue studying the program in its current form or switch to the reformed version.

In addition, Islamic Studies is involved in the minor study program of Africa in the World: History and Religions with its focus on Africa.

More information about the BA minor study programs at the University of Bayreuth (German only)

Arabic and Islamic language and culture studies (AISK)Hide
Aufbau Kombinationsfach Arabische und islamische Sprach- und Kulturstudien

The minor BA study program (49 ECTS) Arabic and Islamic Language and Culture Studies (AISK) can be combined with the BA study programs African Verbal and Visual Arts, English / American Studies, Geographies of International Development (Focus on Africa), German Studies, Intercultural German Studies, Culture and Society of Africa, Media Studies and Media Practice, and Social and Cultural Anthropology. At the moment, two emphasises can be chosen: "Communicative use of language" or "Islamic source studies". The choice of specialization takes place after the second semester.

More information (German only)

Africa in the World: History and ReligionsHide
Aufbau Kombinationsfach Afrika in der Welt

The BA Minor study program Africa in the World can be chosen as a minor in the Bachelor’s degree programs in Geography of International Development (Focus on Africa), African Culture and Society and in Social and Cultural Anthropology. It consists of the three sub-subjects "Religions in Africa", "Islam in Africa," and "History of Africa". Islamic Studies contributes to the study program with its research focus on Islam in Africa.

More information (German only)

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