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Here the department of Arabic and Islamic Studies has compiled some useful tips for your studies. You find information for studying abroad and for writing scientific texts, digital tools that facilitate your work and study routines, and guidelines for researching appropriate literature for your essays, presentations, and theses.

Writing scientific textsHide
  • Students at the University of Bayreuth can get help for writing essays and theses at the Writing Center. Apart from indivdual counseling helpful courses are offered each semester. More information you find on the website of the Writing Center.

  • Transliteration is an important skill for writing texts in Islamic and Arabic Studies. You should know both established transliteration systems (DMG and IJMES) and be able to apply at least one of them. You can have a look at them here:

    • DMG (PDF)
    • IJMES (PDF)
    • An excellent compilation of the intricacies of transliteration by Stefan Reichmuth and Samuli Schielke (in German) you find here (PDF)

More content will be provided here soon.

Literature researchHide

More content will be provided here soon.

Tools and digital RessourcesHide
Organizing your stay abroadHide

More content will be provided here soon.

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