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Study programs in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Bayreuth

The chairs of Arabic Studies and Islamic Studies cooperate closely in the area of teaching. All Bachelor programs offer basic training in both disciplines. Both disciplines attach great importance to a well-founded philological education. In addition, further linguistic approaches for the study of the Arabic language are taught in Arabic Studies. In Islamic studies, on the other hand, cultural and historical approaches for dealing with the subject areas "Islam" and "Islam in Africa" are taught, which are developed in the context areas "History", "Society", "Ideas" and "Practice". The disciplinary studies are supplemented by the Bayreuth research focus on Islam in Africa after 1800 and Arabic in Africa. The acquisition of regional knowledge of Muslim Africa is unique in Germany. Africa is understood as a continent and the subdivision of North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, which dates back to the colonial era, is overcome. Apart from regional knowledge, Islamic Studies students acquire basic knowledge of the early Islamic period and the societies of the MENA region.

Arabic Studies and Islamic Studies can also be studied in Bayreuth as a minor subject with selected Bachelor's degree programs. This form of study is called a combination study program and consists of a core subject (131 ECTS) and a combination subject (49 ECTS).

The Master programs build on the foundations of the bachelor's courses. Arabic Studies can be continued in the general linguistics Master's program Language – Interaction –  Culture, while Islamic Studies can lead to the English-language international cultural studies Master program EIMAS. Another English-language Islamic Studies Master program on Islam in Africa is being prepared in collaboration with African Studies and, subject to approval, will be available to study from the winter semester 2024/25.

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